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About Us



Owner, Earl Perry, is an ISA Certified Arborist and takes care of all of the trees in both downtown Cañon City and downtown Florence.


Our creation at Mission Ready was born out of a desire to do challenging, but enjoyable work, and provide service in a place where there is a need.  Returning to tree service is part of the owner’s transition out of military service and way to provide for his growing family.

Southern Colorado is not bothered with excess rain.  Currently in Fremont County, Colorado, we are in ‘Extreme Drought’ according to local water and irrigation authorities.  Penrose, Colorado, has been in this situation for 2 consecutive years.  Trees need water and with low soil-water content they begin to stress, then die.  The idea of reducing the amount of tree and therefore the amount of water necessary to support it and rescue the tree is one of our goals at Mission Ready.  A professional arborist will tell you that each tree has individual needs.  We aim to discover those and provide them to the property owner.  Sometimes a little faith is required to see a miracle in your trees.  Course pruning can seem drastic but some trees need it.  Others should not be pruned except to remove occasional deadwood.  Fruit trees each take individual types of care.  The International Association of Arborists discourages “topping” trees and city code in Canon City makes it illegal.  Topping is hard on the tree.  We can accomplish the same goal with better health by drop-crotching the branches in the top part of the tree.  This service is extremely difficult to do without the advantage of a bucket truck to put the trimmer in place.  Our truck reaches nearly 60 feet and our pole-saw adds  to that putting us into virtually any treetop in the area.

We Love Colorado!  Most of us at Mission Ready are natives.  Some got here as soon as we could.  All of us respect our environment and we recycle – 100%.  We do not use the landfill for our waste.  Our brush is chipped and used at local nurseries or mixed with dairy manure and made into mulch.  The bigger wood is given to the homeowner for firewood and the really big wood is taken to a mill and made into lumber.  Even the sawdust from the milling process gets recycled.    We are as Green as can be.

Cañon  City, Florence, and the surrounding areas of Fremont County enjoy a wide variety of Arboriculture.  Mission Ready is full-service and we strive to take care of all your needs from the ground up – no matter what kind of trees you have.   Though it sounds cliché the fact is ‘We are not happy unless our customers are happy’.